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Jul 8 2017 A case we rescued by ROB therapy from a fatal state due to heart failure and adverse drug reactions.

                    The chief director of Ishigaki ROB laboratory        Dr. Kunihiko Ishigaki

Sep 9 2017 Lumbago as a message from the heart   Leadership to the crisis management of the organization

       The former president and chief director of Fukushima medical university  Dr. Kikuchi Shinichi

Oct 14 2017 Vaccination

                       The chief director of DIPEx Japan  Dr. Hirokuni Beppu

Jan 20 2018 How to eat revealing and encouraging the children’s potential ability

                  The chief director of Ishigaki ROB laboratory  Dr. Kunihiko Ishigaki

Feb 10 2018 Crime prevention of bank transfer fraud

               Osaka prefectural Yao police   Community Safety Section    Ryohei Matsutani

Apr 14 2018 Protect “life” from radiation hazard   Overcome harmful rumours

                  The professor emeritus of Fukushima university  Prof. Shuji Shimizu

Jun 9 2018 Common disease of children and its counter measures

                  The honorary president of Shizuoka Children's Hospital  Dr. Shirou Seto

Sep 8 2018 The importance of "healthy aging" and prevention     

                                -My experience with 105-year-old Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara at the final moments of his life-

                            The director of St.Luke's International Hospital  Dr. Tsuguya Fukui

Oct 13 2018 Utilizing the wonderful part of modern medicine 

                                              Resolve the problems that modern medicine is falling down.

                                                                                                    -About vaccine-

                            The chief director of Ishigaki ROB laboratory  Dr. Kunihiko Ishigaki

Feb 9 2019 Nankai Trough Earthquake countermeasure ​  -Think about the disaster prevention of Yao City-

                              Yao City Crisis Management Division  

                     Fire station/ Yao Municipal Hospital/ Nursery school/ primary school

Mar 9 2019 About prevention of dementia ​ (Latest knowledge of dementia we should know)

                   Social worker / Care worker / Care support specialist  Mr. Masaya Shibatani

May 11 2019 To look at cancer ​ (experience of seeing cancer with a microscope)

           The former president of Kansai Medical University Pathology Division  Dr. Nobuaki Shikata

Jul 13 2019 Peaceful death ​ (About the death at home to enjoy life)

                    The chief director of Ishigaki ROB laboratory  Dr. Kunihiko Ishigaki

Sep 7 2019 Prevention and measures against chronic diseases 

                    The director of St. Luke's International Hospital  Dr. Tsuguya Fukui

Nov 2 2019 Influenza prevention 

                    The chief director of DIPEx Japan  Dr. Hirokuni Beppu

Feb 8 2020 Measures for the Kyoto Anime Arson Case

                       Fire Prevention Headquarters  Mr. Yasuhide Yamaguchi

Jul 11 2020 The forefront of cancer

                 The President of Osaka International Cancer Center  Dr. Nariaki Matsuura

Nov 14 2020 About the medicine of children and the elderly

                                         The Director of DIPEx JAPAN  Dr. Hirokuni Beppu

Mar 12 2022 The actual situation of Covid-19 Frontline Hospital

                                       The Director of Juso Municipal Hospital  Dr. Yukio Nishiguchi

Apr 9 2022 Prevention of stroke due to atrial fibrillation

                 Vice-president of Tokyo Medical and Dental University  Dr. Tetsushi Furukawa

Jun 11 2022 On Emergency Care and a Peaceful Death at Home

              Director of Takeda General Hospital Emergency Medical Center  Dr. Toshio Nakatani

Sep 10 2022 Ideal state of medical care

             Current Director of Tokyo Medical University Ibaraki Medical Center  Dr. Tsuguya Fukui

Oct 8 2022 How to deal with tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and anti-anxiety medications

                          Honorary Chairman of DIPEx JAPAN  Dr. Hirokuni Beppu

Nov 19 2022 Disease prevention meeting The Current Situation in China and Japan's Choices

                       The chief director of Ishigaki ROB laboratory  Dr. Kunihiko Ishigaki

                       Researcher on Japan-China issues Mr. Hei Seki

Dec 17 2022 Disease prevention meeting Ukraine now How to provide specific assistance

                   The chief director of Ishigaki ROB laboratory  Dr. Kunihiko Ishigaki

                Chairman of Japan-Ukraine Association for Cultural Exchange Mr. Motohiro Ono

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