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We call our treatment “Regulation of bowels (ROB)”.

We reached this treatment from many years of clinical experience.


In short, the upper abdomen is soft in a healthy body, but it becomes hard when the body condition is bad.

When the hard state of the upper abdomen continues, various disease occurs eventually.


And so, if we keep the upper abdomen soft, that will lead to the prevention of disease and we can live a healthy and fulfilling life.


For that reason, we treat patient by ROB therapy to make the upper abdomen soft.


ROB therapy is a tailor-made treatment tailored to the patient’s condition.

From an eastern medical perspective at times and from a western medical perspective at times, our treatment is multiple and tailored to the patient’s condition including daily life guidance.

​《Case report》 Zen Nihon Shinkyu Gakkai Zasshi. 2017; 67(1):48-55.

Regulation of Bowels (ROB) therapy improved developmental dysplasia of hip and quality of life

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