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50 years to face health

Our answer is

"Regulation of bowels"



50 years ago we started as a small clinic at Yao.


We faced many patients every day and discovered that the upper abdomen is soft in a healthy body.


Since then, we have searched for a treatment to gain and maintain the softness of the upper abdomen. And by that treatment we gained experience that our patients improve their health condition.


We now call that treatment “Regulation of bowels (ROB)".


We have a deep knowledge of western medicine and eastern medicine and offer a new medical care beyond the fence.

​《Case report》 Zen Nihon Shinkyu Gakkai Zasshi. 2017; 67(1):48-55.

Regulation of Bowels (ROB) therapy improved developmental dysplasia of hip and quality of life


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​May 18 2024(Sat) 

        Preventing Bedridden Patients and Drugs

                                       President of Ishigaki ROB Medical Research Institute
                                                                                               Dr. Kunihiko Ishigaki    

<Past health seminar/ meeting to Prevent Disease>

​ Sep 2023

"ROB Theory of Medication Reduction in Practice"

-A case study of a patient with heart failure and fatal drug side effects who was saved by adjusting his internal organs-

    ​   President of Ishigaki ROB Medical Research Institute Dr. Kunihiko Ishigaki

Kawachi newspaper

See below for an article on Director Kunihiko Ishigaki's "Ishigaki Tamago Theory". (Japanese).

Ishigaki Tamago theory

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Please see below for English version.

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